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937 Marketing

a new kind of marketing agency.

About Us
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The typical agency model...

Has your experience with an agency looked a little something like this: you get promised the moon. You sign a contract. You get handed off to an account manager. You become a number at the bottom of the heap while the agency puts all their resources into finding new clients? Same.

That's not what we do here.

937 Marketing

We turned the model upside down.

937 Marketing is different. We work with you, not for you. We operate as an internal marketing team for your startup or small business that's as dedicated to your success as you are. We help you bridge the gap between needing marketing support and developing your own team.


Our goal is for you to outgrow us.

Our Process

Crafting Infrastructures that are Built to Last

Step One: Consult

First, let's chat. What do you want to gain from this partnership? How do you like to communicate? What simple wins have been overlooked or put on hold? It's shocking how much we can uncover in one conversation. 

Step Three: Execute

Time to get cracking. We know you're here for results, and that's what we deliver. Let us take the heavy lifting off your plate and let you get back to what you do best. We'll keep you in the loop as much as you want, but you can consider it handled. 

Step Five: Standardize

Once we know what works, we create detailed Standard Operating Procedures so you can train your future internal team as your business grows. No gatekeeping here.

Step Two: Audit

Next, let's audit your current marketing efforts to find the low-hanging fruit and blind spots. Where can we focus our efforts to get the highest ROI? Let's get some quick, easy wins from go.

Step Four: Optimize

Now for the fun part. Watch your growth in real time as we identify who your customer is and how they convert. As we learn, we'll continue to optimize your marketing ecosystem. Don't worry, you can trust us to treat your company and dollars as if they were our own.

Step Six: Graduate

We're here as long as you need us, but our ultimate goal is for your business to outgrow 937. Once your internal marketing team is established, you'll be ready to fly solo.

Small Business Marketing Agency

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